Tips for Using Metal Cutting Fluids in Machine Shops

November 20, 2014 / , , , , , , ,

As any maintenance manager can attest, coolants are a critical part of any metal-cutting  operation. They save you maintenance time, improve cut quality, and extend tooling life. They also save you money. For example, according to this white paper, low coolant levels on a band saw can lead to premature and uneven wear of band wheels, which typically cost a whopping $1,000 each. By instituting regular coolant checks as part of a preventative maintenance program or daily operator checks, managers can eliminate unnecessary tooling costs, as well as the time needed to replace the band wheel.

However, understanding the purpose of metal-cutting fluids and actually knowing how to properly use them are two different things. Like any other tool used in your shop, getting the most out of your metal-cutting coolant requires some know-how. Below are some tips to ensure you are properly using metal-cutting fluids in your machine shop: