Lean Strategies for High Mix Fabrication Shops

May 10, 2015 / , , , , , , , , ,

Lean manufacturing is nothing new for industrial metal cutting companies. Principles based on continuous improvement, streamlining production, and machine efficiency have long changed the way metal fabricators operate. What has changed, however, is customer demand.

Today, fabricators simply must do more with less to stay afloat—cutting more in less time. For high-mix fabricators and sawing operations, the increased challenge is nothing less than daunting. With a few improvement techniques, however, increased productivity is tangible even for the most customized job and machine shops.

If you are a high-mix fabricator, below are a few strategies to help you operate as efficiently as your higher volume counterparts:

While it is a challenge for high-mix shops to achieve the efficiency of high volume metal-cutting operations, it is possible. Taking time to assess, and more importantly, implement changes to processes can help eliminate downtime, increase productivity, and maybe even boost volume.

As consumer demand increases, how will your high-mix fabrication shop deal with the pressure? Perhaps it’s time to look at your current production processes and see where you can make some changes. Even small improvements can have a big impact.