4 Strategies Ball and Roller Bearing Manufacturers Can Use to Improve Operator Training

July 30, 2016 / , , , , ,

As manufacturers continue to seek ways to reduce the industry’s skills gap, more and more emphasis is being placed on human capital. While the tendency has been for companies to focus more on technology than on people, companies are starting to understand the value of investing in their employees as they attempt to attract a new generation of workers—a generation that doesn’t have the necessary skills or even interest in manufacturing.

One huge area that manufacturers are focusing on is operator training. Many companies are either updating their current programs or rebuilding their entire training process to not only ensure that new employees have the right skills, but to keep them motivated and excited about their manufacturing careers.

Of course, there are several tactics ball and roller bearing manufacturers can employ to enhance their training programs. Based on research from the LENOX Institute of Technology, the following four strategies are worth noting:

What strategies are you using to improve training at your manufacturing operation?